Tyler1 to crack down the Twitch Record, stream hits 380 k viewers in 30 minutes

Popular streamer Tyler1 finally returns to streaming League of Legends after his indefinite ban from Riot back in 2016 for consistent toxic behavior. Just right after the stream started, shows up as his signature champion, Draven. He discussed about his ban in the beginning and spent the first few minutes of the stream talking with viewers and welcoming his old fans back to his channel.

While joining the queue for the first game, the stream hit its peak viewer count at 385,000, which is a new Twitch record for an individual streamer. The record was previously held by Lee ‘Faker’ Sang-hyeok who reached around 245,000 concurrent viewers when he first started streaming on Twitch in February last year.

As soon as the enemy team recognize the Tyler, they banned the Draven out of the pool, where he was forced to lock a different champions. We would like to tell you exactly how much Twitch Prime subscriptions were pouring in the chat for the certain time being, but approximately 2-4 subs every second, which is incredible!

First game with Draven, aaaand…

Toxicity, trolling, everything combined in almost every game

Well he knew that the games are not going to be easy, first and the foremost he did well playing nicely, saying surprisingly supportive things and tips to get the team back on track. We all know when something is popular on Twitch that there are many ways to get sniped and bullied. But thats the part of the community, everyone knows it. Sometimes is just too much. He was on REHAB for almost 2 full years!

Shields? Everyone loves shields, but Tyler1?

It seems that everyone loves Tyler1 after all…

Testing his limits again, we see that he’s really going to try to stamp out the toxicity, we can’t expect nothing less from ” the most reformed player NA.”

We are looking forward to see Tyler back to stream on his channel very often, hoping that 613 days rehab helped him to gather the will to grind those games.


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