Team Secret to win Captain’s Draft 4.0

What a team, two amazing comebacks from Team Secret to overcome ViCi and claim the championship! We couldn’t ask for more thrilling and exciting event, Captains Draft 4.0 delivered in every niche possible as the Minor event and has proved again that is an amazing tournament with the unique experience.

Through the whole series, Team Secret was playing from behind, except one game, but in overall  ViCi Gaming looked the more formidable and they were on top of their form for the finals against the #1 team on the DPC Leaderboards.

Two amazing comebacks from Team Secret

However, Secret took the lead in Game 1 after being down more than 14,000 gold by minute 27, with a series of successful fights they managed to create a room for Marcus ‘Ace’ Hoelgaard’s Lifestealer to dominate the late game.,

Secret Net worth in Game 1, they won after 25 minutes being stomped
Opening comeback from Secret in game 1, after being down 25-3 by 25 minute

Coming up in game 2, Zhang ‘Paparazzi’ Chengjun’s had an amazing game on Storm Spirit, through the laning stage to the late game. Secret couldn’t find any reliable counter that could help them out to shut down the hero.

Game 2 - Net Worth Difference - Team Secret vs ViCi
After 30 minute mark in game 2, they couldn’t find the way to stop Papparazi’s Storm Spirit

ViCi Gaming dominated the laning phase in game 3

Secret were truly facing the Chinese Wall in game 3, as this game was by far the most one-sided of the series. Zeng ‘Ori’ Jiaoyang picked up Templar Assassin where he had a relentless performance and the Chinese team was able to close up the game in less than 25 minutes.

Puppey’s crew suffered hardly in laning phase, especially in game 3, Ace’s Slark was completely shut down in laning phase against the ViCi tri-lane. Analyst panel was worried if the Secret will be able to come back in game 4. Which lately turned to be on of the most remarkable comebacks of the whole series.

MidOne to save the series, forcing game 5

To remember you, Captains Draft 4.0 doesn’t allow you to the entire pool of heroes, instead there are 27 random heroes (nine from each stat sub-category) for teams to split. So, it’s not about calculating and executing your well written and prepared tactics it’s about adapting and countering whatever comes at your way.

With that said, the random selection of heroes in Game 4 was in Secret’s favour, as they were able to pick up the famous Rubick for Yazied ‘YapzOr’ Jaradat and Ember Spirit for Yelk Nai ‘MidOne’ Zheng, and we know the possibilities and how much these heroes can do when they are in right hands.

Not everything was so shiny for Secret, Vici Gaming last picked the Morphling that according to the casters Jack and SyndereN gave them the upper hand in the draft, in fact, that Secret had only two stuns coming up from Earthshaker and Rubick.

Paparazi’s Morphling was far ahead in CS lead from the beginning to mid-game, where he was able to focus and take down crucial heroes in team fights like Puppey’s Earthshaker, which was his biggest threat. Ace did a great job, keeping up on farm by 27 minutes, but his team-mates were not doing really well, where the 3 of ViCi Gaming cores were ahead of MidOne.

The moment when Secret forced game 5

Around the 40 minute mark, MidOne started to take the control of his and Secret’s game as well. After purchasing the Mjollnir, he was godlike after jumping behind the VG cores, to wipe out the supports.  He failed once and died without buyback, but somehow Paparazi got caught out in front of his base and set his dead timer to 120 seconds without buyback.

Someway? Somehow, How? HOW!?

“From depths of hell, they forced the game 5”

Ace’s last pick Meepo for final game

This last game was beautiful to watch, where they finished off the series in style. Everything was going smoothly, FATA’s Axe had a perfect start. In this wipe, everything clicked perfectly for Secret in game 5, where they wiped out the whole enemy team at 19 minutes, shortly after with 30k networth advantage the packed up the almost 6 hrs long series.

Without a doubt, Marcus ‘Ace’ Hoelgaard, has dominated the game on his signature hero, with total of 22.5 k net worth where they have started to slowly take the control of the early on and snowballed to a relatively quick win.

The second Pro Circuit event in a row for Team Secret

Their first win was at the DreamLeague Major last month, and with this victory at Captains Draft 4.0 they are holding two titles in a row Minor & Major. They have officially stated out a couple of days ago that they won’t participate at the Galaxy Battles II after it lost Major status, their next event will be the ESL One Genting Minor which will take place Jan. 23-28, then the ESL One Katowice Major in mid-February.

With the first Minor of 2018 finished, Team Secret is going home with $108,000 and 150 DPC points more in their backpack, which still makes them #1 team on the DPC Leaderboard.

Final standings

1.  Team Secret – $108,000 (150 DPC Points)
2.  Vici Gaming – $69,000 (90 DPC Points)
3-4.   OG – $37,500 (30 DPC Points)
3-4.   Mineski – $37,500 (30 DPC Points)
5-8.   paiN-Gaming – $12,000
5-8.   Evil Geniuses – $12,000
5-8.   Team Empire – $12,000
5-8.   compLexity Gaming – $12,000


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