OpTic heading to Major with Saxa, Team Secret crushed Na’Vi

Two more teams are revelaed for the upcoming Galaxy Battles 2, as Optic Gaming and Team Secret will represent Europe and North America regions.
Seems like bringing Saksa to a team, was a great move. Which led them to victory over one of their main rivals in NA Region. They defeated Immortals in semi-finals by 2-0. Showing up amazing perfomance they took series in less then 60 minutes. Going up to finals against CompLexity Gaming. Saksa played Winter Wyvern in game 1, where he managed to have 23 assists out of 31 total team kills. In game 2, Optic made sure that these series are in control, taking them down by 32-10.

On the other side, Team Spirit had a much harder task. They recieved direct invite to a first round of CIS qualifiers where they have defeated Spartak Esports 2-0. Then coming up from Loser’s finals taking their revenge on Effect by taking the series 2-0. Right after that, in the first semi-finals of stage 2, they have encountered mighty Natus Vincere. Ukraine squad had a great overall perfomance over the past several weeks. How hard it was to defeat them? Shows that game 1 lasted 67 minutes. While taking a short break after game 1, Team Spirit came back even stronger in game 2 where they closed the series in less then 30 minutes.
While being undefeated six games in a row, heading up against Team Empire in finals after an amazing series which also finished in favor of Team Spirit by score 2-0.

Earlier today, Team Secret faced off against Team Kinguin in the EU qualifier. However they wrapped up the series by taking down Team Kinguin 2-0. This season, this is the Team Secret’s seventh event. They are currently sitting in the second place in the Qualifying Point ranking and have been showing amazing perfomance across EU qualifiers this season.

Moving up to Southeast Asia Qualifiers. Mineski faced off against the unstoppable Fnatic. Even thought Fnatic had overall better pick in game 1 but Mineski somehow have found their way. WIth last pick Phantom Lancer, Mushi pulled out the amazing perfomance  and topped the scoreboard with 28 k net worth and 7/0/8 KDA. Coming up in game 2, Mineski picked famous Luna + Shadow Demon combo. Game 2 actually was really back and forward, especially until mid to late game, where they started slowly to take control of the game and series.

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