Blast Pro Series 2017
Blast Pro Series 2017, Royal Arena Copenhagen

Over the past decade, electronic sport industry experienced gigantic rise. A business that is estimated to be worth almost $1.5 billion by 2020 and total audience over 550 million people. More then 10,000 tournaments were concluded already, thousands of different teams are formed, and players are already competing for grand prizes up to $24 million. Without a doubt industry like this can’t be stopped.

Where to bet on esports

Where to place your bet on esports

Apart from traditional sports betting, people are starting to recognize how large esports community have become. With the majority of the bookmakers offering the esports bets, quality of markets, available coverages, and the user experience may vary from one to other. A Large number of people are interested in placing real money (skin or bitcoin) wagers on competitive esports titles like Dota 2, League of Legends, Counter-Strike, Overwatch, Starcraft 2 and more… While the certain bookmakers have been around longer than the others, some of them are offering a wide selection of different and entertaining markets than the others.

What is esports betting

Top 5 Esports games

Esports gambling is a generic term for placing real money bets on video games. Betting on esports maintain to increase in demand, people come to assist their favorite team at events like The International, DreamHack Open, and ESL One . On the otherside, how we are able to follow all of the action happening? Well, live streaming video companies are broadcasting all of the Major/Minor events happening around the globe, including the most popular Twitch and Youtube . With each year passing by, live events are bringing even more excitment and writing the unforgettable stories. We can fairly say that the esports gambling is becoming the popular form of entertainment for casual gamers or real enthusiasts all over the world.

How to bet on esports

 How to place your bet on Esports

Placing your bet on esports isn’t much different then placing a bet on traditional sports. Troughout the years, bookmakers are constantly improving their systems, allowing us to bet on almost every league and tournament out there. First step is registering to a certain bookmakers with a suitable payment method. Second step is to make amount that you wish to deposit. Third step, navigate yourself to the odds section, choose your bet, check for any available markets and place the wager. Now, sit back and follow your results on betslip. If you want to get the best experience out of your betting, check out our Review section, and dive into our in-depth analysis and find the bookmaker that suits you the best.

How esports bonuses work

Esports Bonuses

Probably the most favoritized feature amongst all, the famous BONUS. Each bonus work differently from one bookmaker to another. There is quite a lot of different bonuses, and they are all working differently. Always consider to carefully read through the T&C of bonus if you are thinking about to use it. The majority of bookmakers are offering Deposit bonus, which means that you are getting the bonus percentage on top of your first deposit. Some of them also includes (Free bet or Risk bet), keep in mind that most bonuses are requiring certain number of wagers in order to be fulfilled. You can use these bonuses in your advantage, as you can follow their blogs and social media channels to catch any further updates and enter in free giveaways.

 How safe it is to place bet on Esports


In terms of security, most of betting providers are offering guaranteed protection on all your personal data, banking informations and winnings while playing. They are all properly licensed and regulated by the law. Some bookies that have been around for couple of years have well established reputation amongst the other as they are more trustworthy in global. There are also good amount of sites that aren’t properly licensed and regulated as these must be avoided at all costs. Where they can find excuses to not pay you your winnings or cancelling the bet that you have won. You should NEVER sign up on a betting site without doing any basic analysis. However, to make things a bit easier for you, we’ve done some hard work doing some additional research to check bookmaker safety and reliability, social media reputation and the history of any illegal behavior.


Gambling is supposed to be fun. If you think you might have a gambling problem we encourage you to seek professional help:

Betting under the age of 18 is forbidden.
Forbidden under the age of 18