Esports games can come in a wide variety of formats, however, the most popular ones are MOBAs (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) and the FPS (first-person shooters). League of Legends is undoubtedly one of the biggest esports games as well as the most popular game to place the bet on. The most common way of betting is with real money, 

While the many people see gambling as the way to add the excitement to a competition with a hope of earning some money. On the other side, players are using statistical analysis, mathematics and unique methods to complete ways of earning a living from wagering on events, as they are known as professional bettors.

Real money betting

Counter-Strike:Global Offensive illustration

Most of us are familiar with this method of gambling which is the closest to traditional sports betting. Many people are intrigued by the additional betting opportunities that esports offers apart from traditional sports that we are used to seeing every day. Real money betting is surely the number one option when it comes to betting on esports. By saying that, many people are sticking with that method before placing the wager.

However, as the industry evolved new types of betting were born, such as skin betting. This type of betting became very popular among esports fans. Where you can bet using virtual items and skins from games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Dota 2 rather than real money. We suggest you explore this method if you haven’t used it before. Find out more about skin betting here, as we explained step by step how it works and what you should have been aware of while depositing your skins.

Skin betting

 CS:GO Weapon skins

Skin gambling, known as Skin betting has become very popular over the last few years. There are few bookmakers that offer Skin betting like Arcanebet or You can trade your skins with an automated trading bot, that calculates the value of your skins and giving you a fair price (60-70%) of total cost on Steam store as real money. You can also find sites where you can use your items to play games like roulette or coin flip. Always keep in mind that you carefully read the terms and what are you agreeing to, before accepting.

Maybe it can be too late, and you can lose all your valuable skins overnight. There are some websites that trustworthy including Hellcase they have over 70 million cases opened and 4.9 million players. OPSkins is the largest and most trusted marketplace in the world for trading in-game items, they are the regulated and registered trademark of Valve, with millions of users on monthly basis. Twitter is also a good place to join various daily giveaways.

Bitcoin betting

Bitcoin esports gambling

Bitcoin betting has become very popular gambling option over the last couple of years. We think that by now, everyone should’ve heard of bitcoin and his enormous rise over the last few years, especially this year where the price went up to  $17,860,25 per Bitcoin. Many bookmakers offer a deposit method with Bitcoin, there are Bitcoin-only betting sites like Nitrogen Sports, Stake where you can only withdraw/deposit with cryptocurrencies, or the other ones as we call it “hybrid bitcoin” bookmakers that are operating entirely using (AUD, CAD or USD), so when you deposit with Bitcoin it automatically converts it to one of the currencies of your/their choice. 

Withdrawals are usually processed in a couple of hours, all payments are transparent, no ID verification needed, no fees, and so on. Check out more about Bitcoin betting here, where we are explaining everything in detail, where you should bet, how to obtain certain bonuses and what are the Pros/Cons of using it as gambling option.

Case Opening

CS:GO Case Opening

The Number of websites that are offering Case Opening has increased significantly since 2016. Same as with skin betting, it can be very exciting and fun, while purchasing various shiny cases and hoping to win some rare items.  Although you can’t think twice when you see tens of millions of cases opened on a single site. There are a couple of case opening sites that have been proven to be trustworthy, with thousand of online users on daily basis, millions of opened cases and hundreds of thousands upgraded items including Farmskins, Hellcase, and Wildcase.

Entering to these sites can be very easy as it takes few minutes to log in, confirm your account and transfer your items. However, you should be VERY CAREFUL as there are websites out there that can be shady and you may not be able to withdraw your winnings or existing skins.

We ADVISE you that you take a couple of minutes and read more about the website that you are going to use. We have therefore reviewed and tested over 40 case opening sites. You can rest assured that all case opening sites showed by us maintain excellent gambling experience with amazing and valuable drops. Read more about case opening here.


Gambling is supposed to be fun. If you think you might have a gambling problem we encourage you to seek professional help:

Betting under the age of 18 is forbidden.
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