Skin gambling also referred as Skin betting, is gambling on the outcomes of esports matches risking in-game cosmetics instead of real money. Over the last few years, this type of gambling has seen the enormous rise.Thus this year started off with really bad influence such as “underage gambling”, and more. Hundreds of sites are already online, offering various gambling features.

Millions of skins are already available across the globe with the price going over $3.700 per skin. Making a deposit on the website has never been easier, most of the skin betting sites are using Steam API which allows anyone to create third-party tools to manage item transactions on a huge scale. Although there are websites that are already well established and playing the role of middle-man bringing together thousands of gamers who want to wager their items.

One of them is Skinpay, growing payment system that uses Steam items as currency. They have 1.9 million users, over 16 million skins accepted by their bots and, more than 228 websites have already begun using their payment system. Several bookmakers are officially licensed and offering betting with skins option.
Although, what are they offering is converting your skins into real money, while this method is strictly limited to people aged 18 and above under the bookie terms and conditions.

TOP 3 Skin Betting Bookmakers

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It’s important to remember that bookmakers who are offering Skinpay option is not actually skin betting, it’s only converting your virtual goods into real money, calculating and giving you fair price between 60-70% of the Steam market price.
*Note You will always see the price before you sell your skins.

How to deposit with Skinpay

First, you need to meet the requirements for your steam account to deposit with skins:

Your account needs to be at least level 1
You need the steam mobile application to accept the trade
Your inventory must be public

 Now, that you have met all the requirements, you can choose Skinpay as your deposit method to begin the trade.
1Enter your steam trade link and proceed, if you don’t know how to find it, you can do so clicking here.
2.Choose which skins you want to sell and accept the trade
3. Shortly after, you will need to confirm the trade in your Steam application
4. Approximately, wait 15 minutes and the money will be in your bookie wallet.

Skin gambling 

The main difference between bookmakers and other websites that are offering skin betting is, that bookmakers are automatically transferring your skins with a third party service into real money, and before withdrawing you need to confirm your identity.

This way, the problem of underage gambling is solvedWhile on the other side, you deposit with skins, and sometimes you are forced to wager them on limited amount of features, or to convert skins into tokens or coins in order to use their gambling features Having these coins is must situation when it comes to certain websites, you don’t have to worry if you are using fully licensed casino.

Many of them are offering different stores where you can spend these coins and buy skins, including various discounts up to 25%.


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Betting with skins, became really famous because people can play fast gambling games such as Dice, Roulette, Crush, Sweeper and more… These games usually last up to 20-30 seconds per round. That way, you can multiply your skin value or lose everything in a matter of seconds.

Apart from classic esports gambling, people are also implementing new strategies when it comes to Roulette and Slots or using existing ones. There are websites out there who have their own gambling games, with unique rules, be careful with these, make sure to read the T&C before making any action further.

More and more giveaways are being hosted every day by these gambling operators, offering their loyal users chance to win extra skinssimply by sharing and tagging one or two friends. Find more about skin betting tips, where we executed everything in detail.


Gambling is supposed to be fun. If you think you might have a gambling problem we encourage you to seek professional help:

Betting under the age of 18 is forbidden.
Forbidden under the age of 18