Improve your chances

Beside being really fun, bettors with years experience have found this as they may call it “short-cut” to quickly acquire valuable skins and higher status, where you can cash out real money. It is important to remember that you need cash to purchase your basic inventory. You can start doing so with regular Steam market by purchasing desired item or chest.

Yes, you can obtain skins while playing, participate in various giveaways or simply being lucky once when you get that free chest or gift from friend. You can always maximize your winnings by knowing the commision & margin of the site, commision model, changing your steam name and more…

How to be successful in betting

Having multiple accounts on different sites is always going to be upper hand. This way, you are available to access multiple betting systems and you can follow the action from the inside. This way you can take a couple of notes, about how big margin and how much commision each website takes so you can minimize the cost of placing the wager. Realistically speaking in long term run, 2-5% or maybe 10% less fee percentage is actually a lot.

Advantages of being first

Games like Jackpot are essentially close to lottery-style games where you can risk small chunk for ultimate reward. The game for those who like to play for the high stakes. The round starts when 50 items/skins are wagered or when timer expires, and finishes in 20-45 seconds or less while deposit is being raffled amongst the players.

What is important about this game is that the higher you bet the more likely you are going to win. You are increasing your chances by putting more valuable skins and you are available to place several bets each time. Rounds can go up to $10.000 per grand prize.  Downside of this is that you are wagering against any player with any amount of available skins where you can easily get out scaled.

CSGOFAST jackpot

We took CSGOFAST as example of one round of Jackpot, all players that deposited their skins can clearly see their percentage of winning under their personal avatar. The winner is determined by the Ticket System.

Steam name bonus

When you type name of the site in your Steam account, you can increase the chances as it brings different benefits. Including, fewer commisions on your bets and withdrawings, opening daily cases, daily free spins, and entering various raffles and giveaways. Maybe you are wondering why are they giving all these benefits just for steam name? Well, firstly it acts as publicity for the site, also it’s sort of marketing where other users can see the name of the site.

So if you don’t care what your Steam-name is, open couple of sites and see what are they offering. Each site mostly has unique bonus program regarding your steam name bonus, the longer the run the more you get. Although, the competition is high so there is plenty of room for good and unique bonus programs.

Margins & Commissions

If you are new to betting, you may be wondering why this is so important. The bookmakers are making a profit by accepting the bets on a given market, and adjusting the odds to attract bets, that way they are securing a profit regardless of the outcome. The modification of the odds offered from the ‘true odds’ is the boomaker’s margin. They can range up from 2-10%, so if you are there just to bet for fun, these numbers won’t hurt you much.

Bettors who are betting to make profit and thus expect to win, are always going to calculate the bookmakers margin, so they know the price of placing the bet. This isn’t something like the ‘eye catching’ advertisement that you can see on the hompeage, mostly you will find this information in FAQ section or ask their support team.

Different margins and commissions

Note* Equation for calculating the margins: (1/Decimal Odds Option A)*100 + (1/Decimal Odds B)*100

The commission model is used when a business charges a fee for a transaction that it mediates between two parties.  Don’t forget that we are talking about sites that are offering multiple gambling games, and commission model is added up on each match bet, roulette or jackpot spin.

The lesser the percentage the lesser the cost and the bigger the take for the winner. What is a bit tricky with these commisions is that you likely won’t notice them, because it is happening in the background. Remember that in the long run, these low percentage numbers are going to cost you more and more, every pennie counts.

Item price & Raffles

The price of items can vary a lot. There are already hundreds of skins out there that are pricing up over $1.000 per item. How it comes that skins are worth this much? Well, there are couple of key factors that are possibly affecting the price. First and foremost are item categories and type of rarity, exclusive and limited edition skins, tournament edition, signed items by professional players and more..

 Item Rarity

  • White – consumer grade
  • Light blue – industrial grade
  • Darker blue – Mil-spec
  • Purple – Restricted
  • Pinkish purple – Classified
  • Red – Covert
  • Exceedingly Rare ★
  • Contraband – Discontinued skins
  • Souvenir – Limited Edition

Now you may be wondering which rarities are drop-able? So far anything from consumer grade to classified weapon skins can drop in-game. Items that must be un-cased including covert or exceedingly rare are having really low percentage, the chance of getting consumer grade skin much higher than getting a classified drop. We took CS:GO weapon case as example of what types of qualities you can un-case.

Example of CSGO CASE

Also, there is a StatTrak version of weapon skins. They have been heavily favoritized by the community. They are only version of skins that are able to track how many kills or headshot you have delivered with your weapon, or how many people you have stabbed with knife.

They do not drop at all. Only way you can achieve one is by trading, buying from the marketplace or opening a case. Obtaining one of the StatTrak versions of skins, makes a weapon skin even more rare and valuable.

Stattrak knife
*Note: Stattrak may apply to any gun skins or knife skins


Is type of gambling competition in which people obtain numbered tickets, with each ticket having a chance of winning a grand prize. In most of cases, you are not buying a ticket to win a specific prize, but for the possibility of winning any of the prizes. There are sites that will reward you for using their system, or simply because you are playing. Giving you an entry for different raffles for skins, free coins or free bets.

Different sites are hosting different raffles, sometimes everything that you need to do is following the few simple steps including (like and share different sites on your social media accounts, joining different groups and following their websites and social media accounts). 

*Note: Companies like ASUS, NVIDIA, and INTEL are creating different raffles everytime they announce or sponsor any Major/Minor event.



Gambling is supposed to be fun. If you think you might have a gambling problem we encourage you to seek professional help:

Betting under the age of 18 is forbidden.
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