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Case opening has always been a fundamental part of CS:GO, if we look back just couple years ago, in 2013 Valve has introduced weapon skins for CS:GO as they did with their previous titles Dota 2 and Team Fortress 2. The skin system made it possible for players to achieve cosmetic items (skins) by getting in-game rewards or purchasing the case keys that would cost $2,49 per key.

Although, since the very start, players were testing these cases by purchasing number of keys where in the end you will achieve an item worth far less than the amount of the key itself.  In the meantime, who would know that trend as case opening and skins would come this far where it is by now. where thousands of cases are opened everyday and it won’t stop by any time soon for sure.

We can surely say that  business model like this has become a very popular virtual currency, besides having extremely high ups and downs. Especially last year where Valve stated out that they are going to shut down 27 gambling websites who have used Steam accounts to conduct this type of business. But, even after such a breakdown like that, case opening sites are by now the most popular kind of CS:GO gambling.


From all of the games that support skin gambling, CS:GO will always stay on the top. The number of available skins in-game is incredibly high, hundreds of different knifes, guns, gloves, and weapon skins are used by millions of players. With the increasing popularity of CS:GO, players were looking for new opportunities to achieve in-game cosmetics. In a summer last year, something new came into view on the market, the case opening sites. They were offering the same experience like Valve case opening, but at lower costs and with a way better chances of winning.

These sites have amazing interface design which gives the user amazing experience while using the platform, including custom case designs, custom drops, while operating under the license where they are not attempting to scam their users with fake odds or in any other way. Instead, they offered fast and secured transactions, good customer support and much more…


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The most efficient way to find and evaluate the best CS:GO case opening site is to make a checklist and rank each site based on the different factors that matters most to you. We have also created list of a criteria that will help you find your favorite site.

Legitimacy & Authenticity 

We understand that there are new websites that are created every day who are offering case opening. People are always finding a way to violate the rules and to scam their customers, one way or another. The most popular way to gain attention and “popularity” is by getting various partnerships with different Twitch or YouTube streamers, who have thousands of followers/subscribers.

What are they actually doing is playing with a fake money, which the sites owner gave them and they somehow always get the high value drops. People get hooked fast with this, believing that they will have a chance do to the same. Well it’s business after all, you can’t blame them, but you need to pay attention to this, at least make yourself wonder ” is this site safe? Should i play here? “.

We have been following the case opening since the very start back in a 2016. Since then, hundreds of sites were closed due to violating the rules where they attempted to scam their customers by using fake provably fair system, creating bots to play against real users where you actually have 0,1 – 0,001% chance of winning, or sometimes you may get “lucky” to win something, but be sure that you’ll lose that as well.


However, we only tend to list the websites who have been proven to follow the T&C. We’ve spent huge amount of time analyzing their history of behavior, looking for any suspicious information that may lead to identifying certain site as a “scam”. Going through whole bunch of different sites in google, subreddits/reddits, and social media profiles. When something goes viral, you can’t stop it and it’s most likely that is true.

You will never know as a user who is running the site that you are using. Reason behind this is simple, if something goes wrong, they can easily pack up their stuffs and make another site. We’re aware of this, your feedback is more than appreciated, if you have any information or evidences regarding any suspicious behavior of websites that you find on our list or any other, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We can grow together, as we strive to give you best possible sites in the industry.

Practicality & Design

The most popular case opening sites often has a very simple design which is easy to use. The key is in simplicity, where everything on the website is sorted in clearly visible categories so you can easily navigate yourself wherever you want without many clicks.

People just love to have everything what they want to be reached in a couple of clicks. The large number of websites are mostly using the same design as their competitors. Well, it’s a way easier to copy something that exist than to create something different and unique.


The design can have a really high impact on user experience, where some websites has put a lot of effort to deliver something unique. We advise that you always take a couple of minutes to check the websites design and usability. You don’t want to find yourself random clicking around the interface wondering how to find something that you are looking or to get yourself in situation where you need to ask in live chat or seek for customer service help.

It doesn’t matter if you are experienced bettor that have placed hundreds of bets on different sites, or beginner who have just started. Thing is that everyone can find the whole interface user-friendly.

Customer Support

When it comes to customer support, thats where the certain websites stand out. You should always look for websites that offers robust support to their customers. When you face the problem or bug, you don’t want to find yourself in the situation where you need to wait day or two for your query to be answered/solved.

Offering support through live chat is the most efficient way to interact with customers about their queries. While the many people are experiencing different queries, reaching staff members (moderators) through live chat the fastest way to find their solution. We’ve noticed that every site that has thousands of daily users are offering support through live chat, you may wonder why?


It is always good to see that you can reach staff members through numerous ways. Having a proper email support is also a good sign, since it is the most common way to reach the support. However, we have made sure that we tested customer support of every website that you can find on betatesports. You can always do it by yourself, check the average time of responses to your query, see how they interact with you, ask people in live chat to exchange your thoughts, check their social media profiles.

There are many ways where you can find the solution on your problem. The most well-established websites have rich FAQ section ,where you can find all answers on most frequently asked questions, so be sure to check it out.

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