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One of the biggest and most reliable Bitcoin bookmakers started their journey in 2012. Focusing only on betting with bitcoin which includes several benefits such as (Anonimity, Relatively high limits, fast payment processing). Nitrogen sports offers wide range of traditional sports such as (football, baseball, hockey, boxing, snooker, volleyball and more…). Esports coverage is more then great, they offer dice and poker games which perceived to be excellent. They also allows you to bet without sign-up.



The Design

This bookie made sure that they have adaptable and easy operated design. When it comes to navigating through the site, we can say that we had great experience changing through different disciplines, leagues and markets. Sometimes we experienced a brief delay, but thats nothing comparing that most of the  pages are loading really quickly. Main menu can be found on left side of the web. There you can find all infos, useful pages, available markets, coverages, different disciplines and social media buttons. In the top row of the site you can see your wallet balance, bitcoin adress and account settings, you can minimize and maximize the chat by clicking on the ⇑ or ⇔ in top right corner of the website.

Whats important to remember is the three red bars (Sportsbook, Poker and Casino), so if you click on one of them, you will be taken to an entirely new system independent of the other two. Some people maybe find it difficult to adapt, if they never used an bitcoin sportsbook. You can choose betwen different odds format such as (American, decimal, or both),


The number of available coverages is impressive. Nitrogensports offers an absolute laundry list of the world’s top leagues for nearly every sport around the globe.

  • Soccer                         • Dota 2
  • Football                     • Counter Strike Global Offensive
  • Golf                              Quake
  • Boxing                        • Rocket League
  • Baseball                     • League of Legends
  • Cricket                        • Overwatch
  • Tennis                         • Starcraft 2
  • Snooker                      • Quake Champions
  • Handball                    • King of Glory

Offering almost every soccer league that is available, including Champions League and International contests. There are no many bookies that offers betting on esports with bitcoin.

Types of bets

While we were checking the bet types, we’ve found that that amount of different markets is not supreme. They have standard markets for esports like (Who will win 5 rounds first, Who will win first gun round, Over/Under 26 rounds, will take first 10 kills..). They offer Straight, Parlays and teasers types of bet-slips, with amazing limits.
We hope to see Nitrogen sports offer more different game-specific betting options in the near future.

Typef of esports bets Avaliable markets on different esports disciplines

Payment Methods

As we already pointed out, Nitrogen is a bitcoin-only betting site. You won’t find any other flat currency deposit or withdrawal options supported at this time.
Before you begin to wager, first you must create a bitcoin wallet using one of the officialy recommnended wallet services or a third-party wallet service  of your choice. Once you set up, you will need to link your bitcoin wallet adress to your account. Since bitcoin deposits rely on speed of the bitcoin network, transfers are usually instant which means that you can place your bets immediately after.
Withdrawing from Nitrogen has few rules. So if you want to cash out your bitcoins, say no more !

  • 1.0 BTC must have at least 1 confirmation
  • 1.0 – 10.0 BTC must have 2 confirmations
  • 10 – 50.0 BTC must have 4 confirmations
  • 50 and more BTC must have 6 confirmations

Mostly withdrawals are very fast, appearing in your wallet within 24 hours.
*Note all esports bettings, withdrawals must be manually reviewed by the staff.

Bonuses & Promotions

We’re sad to say, but we haven’t see any welcome or deposit bonuses. They are offering couple of promotions so far, which can be found on their blog. Be sure to chack daily/weekly for these promotions, as they are coming with almost every big event. Simply by following the rules of promotions you can earn (0.01 BTC free bet).
The Parlay Jackpot, offers multiple prize poools to 10 parlay bettors in three categories (max bet 0.01 BTC – 0.1 BTC and no max bet) who wins the most in a certain month.
Company is also offering the NFL Surivor PoolThese kinds of pools are amazing, they don’t take a lot of effort to be involved, where you can win a tons of money if you can outlast the field. Below you will find details of the promotion, which has categories ranging from free entry to 5-10BTC entry fees:

  • Join the pool by clicking ‘Join Pool’, and then ‘Confirm Join’
  • Each week, make your pick for a team who will win, if you are picking team that plays on Thursday or Saturday, you’ll have to submit the pick before the games begin. The final deadline to pick each week is Sunday at 16:59 UTC. First week picks close Sunday, Septembar 10 @ 16:59 UTC.
  • Each week following, continue to pick another winning team from the team left available – you’ll only be able to choose each team once
  • Be the last bettor standing, and win the pool

List of available pools on Nitrogen

*Note Check out for their blog post and tips on survivor pools.


Picture of Nitrogen poker

NitrogenSports, has a poker room that is available for real money play. You can earn Nitro by playing poker and you can exchange them for bitcoin or freebets. While you play poker you can earn certain ranks. The more you play the higher you’ll climb. Higher levels gives you different bonuses such as (1-0x Nitro, 1.5x Nitro, 2.5x Nitro). There are 5 available levels (Bronze,Silver,Gold,Platinum,Diamond) and two more coming soon.
The poker area offers freerolls, tournaments and games. We’ve checked this section and found few people playing and talking about the upcoming tournaments. Tournament schedule and poker freeroll can be found here.

Current reward level at Nitrogen

Dashboard on the right allows you to track all your Nitro balance.
*Note Loyalty points reset on the first day of each calendar month.

Picture bellow shows the Nitro Shop, where you can redeem your rewards with Nitro that you have earned.
Nitrogen store where you can exchance your Nitros for rewards
If you have any further questions or queries you can find some answers on Poker FAQ.
*Note “Free Bet” grants the user one free bet up to the risk amount listed (including parlys). Your balance will not be affected by placing a free bet. If t his bet wins, the “to win” amount will be credited to your account. If the bets loses your account balance will not change. This free bet will show up as 0.00 BTC stake on your My Wagers page. You do not recieve back the “risk” amount if the best wins, as the risk amount for any free bet is 0.00.


Welcome to Nitrogen casino

Nitrogensports offer a few different table games. They have Blackjack game, which they offer in single deck, double deck and standard 8 deck varieties. Baccarat and 3 card poker is also available. These games have standard rules, but you should not forget that you can only wager in BTC, which means that you have to do some calculations if you want to know your outcome and what are you playing for.
*Note that minimum wager for the table games are 0.001 BTC, and the maximum depends on the game variant

Different casinos on Nitrogen


Bitcoin community loves this game. While the game isn’t built around the the standard six-sided dice, it is based on a digital roll of the “dice” which can end up with a results anywhere betwen 0 – 99.99. Your main target is to place a bet on whether or not the result of the spin will be lower or higher then a set value. In this game, you are the one who set the odds. Maybe you find this a bit confusing, we’ll break it down for you.

You have couple of available fields that adjustable:

  • Bet Amount ( how much you want to risk)
  • Win Chance ( a number representing the % chance to win between 0.01 and 98
  • Payout ( the payout odds that will be applied to the wager)
  • Whether you want to choose higher or lower

Example of Dice game on Nitrogen casino

When you change one field, the others adjust automatically, giving you the odds and aomunts needed to accomplish your desired outcome.


We assume that you came across the slots somewhere. some people also call them “one-armed bandits”. Usually all of them have the same rules. Get line of shiny “bars” or ” golden crowns “.
Example of slots on Nitrogen casino
Nitrogen slots rules are simple:

  • Scatter symbols can appear on any position and out of sequence to count as a win.
  • Wild symbols substitues for any other symbol, that is not wild or scatter and will always be the symbol generating the highest win.
  • Wild symbols with the multipliers (2x – 4x) will multiply the win by that amount.
  • Game payout and win combination are paid out according to the pay table.
  • Symbols are counted from the leftmost to right
  • Symbols must appear in sequence, on a pay line and in a combination according to the pay table to count as win
  • Only the highest win per pay line is paid out
  • In the event of the game malfunction all affected bets are rendered void.

Customer service

NitrogenSports, are only providing ticketing system and email support. However they are doing very good job, they are active on social media such as Twitter and Facebook, you can feel free to contact them there if you are facing any problems or queries on the website.

Privacy & Security

There is not much to say about an bitcoin-only bookie security, Nitrogen is providing top-notch security for their loyal bettors, using advanced technologies to protect any kind of information that you leave on this bookie. While Bitcoin itself is anonymous, some people find this as good option some don’t. You can also add Two-Factor Authentication” . You can do so by downloading an app like Google Authenticator where you’ll be needed to use a One Time Password (OTP) each time you log on or perform other secure functions.

Mobile Betting

Nitrogen website is well optimized for mobiles or tablet computers. We can surely say that we had a great experience using their mobile version of the site.
Everything is clearly visible and readable, you can navigate through different menus and disciplines really easy.
Mobile version of Nitrogen sports


Company is based in San Jose, Costa Rica and at the time of review is not licensed anywhere else. Only restriction about this bookie is that you need to have a Bitcoin wallet. Every bitcoin enthusiast can bet on Nitrogen Sports, there are no country restrictions and thats what makes Bitcoin bookies step ahead of others.

The Good

  • Prominence on anonymous playing
  • Tournaments for poker games
  • Very fast transactions (deposits/withdrawals)
  • High bet limits

The Bad

  • No live chat support and telephone
  • Some users may find the system a bit complicated
  • No Signup bonus
  • Not certified by any gaming auditing firms

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