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Established in 2011, EGB is surely one of the top bookmakers when it comes to esports betting. EGB has been used by cybersports fans with years of experience under their belt focusing to create friendly community and platform where you can place bets on esports. So far they have done amazing job covering almost every Major/Minor event and also covering T2/T3 events (which few bookmakers do).

The Design

Design is fairly simple and easy to use. Main navigating buttons can be found in the top row of the web, live section is shown at the top of the page as well as live chat. Scrolling down through the site reveals all available coverages that you can bet on, promotions,news and upcoming live bets.
EGB design

Esports Coverages

EGB offers a wide variety of different tournaments and leagues. As we mentioned above this bookie is only-esports, by saying that you wont find anything beside cybersports. EGB did great job covering all esports games that are played on competitive level. From card games like Hearthstone,real-time strategies as Starcraft 2  and more…

  • Counter Strike: Global Offensive
  • League of Legends
  • Dota 2
  • Smite
  • Heroes of the Storm
  • Overwatch
  • Hearthstone
  • Starcraft 2
  • Quake Champions
  • Rocket League
  • World of Tanks

Maybe you noticed that Quake Champions is in list as well which not many bookies use to offer. While there is no many matches available to bet on, EGB are giving their best to cover as many as they can. There is Global Ladder Portal where you can compete against other players around the globe and earn rewards So if you are Quake fan, you will surely like this offer.
Rocket League is another game that EGB covers. While we spent some time checking these coverages we found occasionally available bets.

Types of bets

While everything on EGB is clearly listed on one page, by clicking on certain bet small window will appear where you can see list of all available markets. You can choose betwen (express,single or tournaments). However they have gave their best to cover every tournaments with various markets, like  (First blood on each map, Take first 10 kills, Total time, Total maps, Map winner, Match winner, will win 5 rounds first, first gun round and more…).
Big events as Dreamhack, TheInternational and World Championship have more then 40 markets per match.
Types of bets

You believe that your favorite team can win certain event? EGB  allows you to bet on an Tournament outcome.

Number of available tournaments that you can place bet on
Odds are not fixed here but they can go really high. Sometimes they are going up to 4.00 (decimal)  for favorites to win an event.Showing teams who are competing for certain event

When it comes to LIVE betting, this bookie is top-notch. What is amazing about them is that they are covering alot of matches even if they are T2/T3. Experience from users is more then great. Even if they sponsor certain event they will take care to offer big list of available markets and live bets as soon as possible.
When it comes to LAN events, sometimes there is little gap between announced matches. They are doing really good job at adding it as soon as it’s announced to the public. This can be great opportunity if you want to bet on many matches during event. They also have LIVE section sitting just under the chat, where they announce their upcoming live bets.
Example of live bet

Payment Methods

Coming up with a very few deposit options. EGB made sure that all standard deposit methods are available for their loyal bettors. Please note that not all payment options are available in every region.

  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • Mastercard and Visa 
  • YandexMoney
  • Liqpay
  • Payanyway
  • DengiOnline
  • ecoPayz
  • Bitcoin
  • Webmoney
  • Qiwi

*DengiOnline,Payanyway and Qiwi are Russian payment methods. These websites can be used and translated to english.

Promotions & Bonuses

EGB offers couple of different features where you can earn free points, credits and money. Lets talk about how you can earn some benefits from referral system.
So for every user that signs up via your unicate generated link you can earn up to $50 per user who earns a certain number of points.

1) Refferal regains 100 points – you get $1 on your account
2) Refferal regains 500 points – you get $4
3) Referral regains 5000 points – you get $45, but in bonuses

Moving up to Bonuses, so every user can get the first deposit bonus of 100%, up to an amount of $600. That bonus is gradually added to your account as you make bets.
You can also purchase these bonuses using store points, but you have 3 months to use them. You can only have one or two maximum active bonuses simultaneously.
Example of bonus for certain amount of money
Example: Bonus of $10. You will receive $2 (1/5) every time you accumulate 1000, until you get 5000 points.

EGB POINTS is another bonus type of programme which allows you to gather points. For every time you bet $1 you get 10 points. When you gather certain amount you can redeem them at bookies store. You can buy bonuses, money and gaming gear such as RAZER,ROCCAT,STEELSERIES and HYPER.
EGB SHOP products

In addition to earn some extra points EGB is giving you Daily Quests. There you can find different tasks like: Place 3 bets on odd less than 1.3 and place 3 bets on Starcaft 2 etc…
Different daily quests offered by bookie

Privacy & Security

ScamAdviser gave them incredible 98% safety rating which is a way more than a lot of other esports bookies.  The site also uses HTTPS (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Service). The use of HTTPS marks that all communication happening between the user and the bookie is encrypted and secure.

Customer Service

We encountered with support couple of times, and they were always answering back pretty much on time. What makes this bookie different from the rest it LIVE CHAT and user interaction. Approx. 800-1000+ users are daily online which makes it great place to discuss about esports and predictions.  You can also contact moderator trough chat if you are having issues they have 24/7 live support. Their FAQ section is covering almost every issuse that you may face on the platform
They are offering email support as well, divided in four different departments, answering approximately in 24 hours.

  1. Shop department:
  2. Security department:
  3. Promotions department:
  4. Support department:

If your querie is more then serious, you can call them on +506 40 003944.

Mobile betting

EGB made sure that their users can bet whenever and wherever they are. Application is looking impressive. Design is simple and easy to use. As you can see in example below you can navigate wherever you want with one click. Installation process is a bit weird because it is not on the Google play store or iTunes store, but they gave instructions on how you can properly install the app.
Link for downloading the app: Here and instructions can be found in FAQ section or you can click here.

Androip application for EGB, review of homepage


Located in San José, Costa Rica licensed and operated by goverment of  Curaçao (8048/JAZ2017-018). They are giving their best to expand the number of countries from where you can bet on. You don’t need to worry about your private informations and billing informations. As every other bookie your information is saved and encrypted to keep your betting experience nice and smooth.


The Good

  • Inovative bonuses, promotions and daily quests
  • Offering PlayMoney option where you can test platform
  • Friendly community which allows users to interact with others
  • Wide range of markets, live coverages good selection of live bets

The Bad

  • The 4% cash out fee on more then one withdraw per month
  • Sometimes lower winnings comparing to other sites
  • Some users may find interface complicated
  • Prohibit arbitrage betting and limiting

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