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Welcome to betatesports

Betatesports.com aims to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable online betting experience. We’ve set our goal to provide our customers with all important informations regarding the esports and any sort of gambling that involves electronic sports!

The gambling industry surrounding the esports is growing very swiftly and it’s still relatively young. There are hundreds of sites to choose from where quality varies from one to another. In order to save your precious time, we understand that finding the best betting provider can be time-consuming and boring, that is why we created this little project, to help you find the most suitable bookmaker for you!

We are offering you unbiased reviews of everything these sites have to offer. Sorting them in different categories and rank them while looking at a numerous key factors, which we regularly keep updated to guarantee they correctly reflect the best options currently available. and bring you premium user experience.

Get started with esports betting

Even if you are beginner or advanced bettor, there is always a time to learn new things, right? It is true, but if you find exactly what are you looking for about, the right amount of valuable informations, before you place your first bet.

With a such dynamic industry as gambling, sometimes it’s hard to keep up with all of these informations, where regulations around the globe are changing all the time, new advanced technologies are implemented, and brand new websites are created everyday.

However, there are few basics that you should know before you start placing your bets:

Basics of esports betting:

  • How does esports odds work – There are several odds formats used by gambling sites to express betting odds: Decimal, American and Fractional. This depends on which site you are using and from which part of the world you are from. Most of the sites are offering you option where you can change the odds format, but due to it’s simplicity the most common is Decimal.
  • How bookmakers work – One of the fundamental parts of betting is to understand how actually bookmakers are working. How much do they price their betting markets, how big Margins do they have and how you can calculate them, so you can become more profitable with your betting.
  • Learn about games – Esports games are constantly evolving, so there is always a room to learn something new. Every new Minor/Major patch is a new opportunity for different players, teams and regions. 
  • Learn about professional teams – Analyze the teams past results, look how they performed recently on LAN events or an online competitive league, check for their individual player performance or how do they performed against certain team in the past.
    There are many popular sites that are offering in-depth stats about teams past performances. 

    -Dota 2 – dotabuff.com & liquidpedia.com
    -League of Legends – leagueofgraphs.com & gamepedia.com
    -Counter:Strike Global Offensive – hltv.org & liquidpedia.com
  • What kind of betting markets are available – Each game has it’s own type of markets that you can bet on, some bookmakers have a wider selection of markets than the other. But it’s important to understand the basics, with that said, the most common are:
    – Match winner
    Game/Map winner
     While these three are the most known of all, you can also wager on Over/Under total kills, First blood, Who will take first 10 kills, Tournament winner and many more..
  • Check for Restricted Jurisdiction – You may like certain gambling provider, but you are unable to use it? Yes, this can happen very easily because you are on bookmakers Restricted list. Since there is no single piece of legislation that covers the legality of online gambling for the entire world.
    Instead, most of countries have their own local laws that deal with the relevant licensing authorities which regulate the online gambling industry.

Open Premium Crates With Best Case Opening Sites in 2018

The in-game cosmetics can be achieved in many ways, but the most popular way is case opening. In the last two years, many third-party sites has showed up on the market. What they were actually doing apart from traditional in-game crates opening is that they were offering unique custom game design interface with beautiful graphics and various custom designed cases with unique drops.

There is a huge community that surrounds this niche of gambling. Millions of people are opening the cases every day, and it’s not looking like it’s going to stop any time soon. So far, the most popular esport game that allows third-party case opening is CS:GO, followed by PUBG, the second-best-selling PC game with over 24 million copies sold!
Anyway, to be sure that you are using the proper legal service, you need to keep an eye on couple of key factors:


Safety & Reliability – The last thing that you want to experience is to be scammed by the service in any way possible. That includes, fake provably fair system, enormous fee’s, people/bots using fake names and rigged percentages. Understand the basics of gambling is a key. You should never throw your money easily.
We give our best to provide you excellent user experience while using a service that we have listed on our site.


Design & Usability – Don’t judge a book by its cover! Be smart, don’t rush anywhere, leave a couple of minutes to check the sites design. You don’t need time-consuming interface which makes site hard to navigate. People always tend to like user-friendly interfaces that can be simply navigated through the whole website.
Don’t fall for cheap looking websites that offer “incredible high” opportunities. 


Customer Support – Having a proper customer support is a key, it reflects on the great user experience. Most of the well-established websites are offering support through live chat. That way you can reach moderators or staff members responsible for queries in a very short period of time. You don’t want to find yourself in situation where you can’t withdraw your skins or winnings and you are getting no answer for 1-2 days.
We ensured that websites listed on our site are tested in many ways. Even through social media, email support, holidays, week days and late hours.


Withdrawal Times & Options – Lets make something clear, everyone hates waiting. Especially when it comes to gambling, it is crucial that websites are taking their withdrawals seriously. The most popular sites are offering several withdrawal options, and they don’t take usually more than 5 minutes in worst case scenario 10-15 minutes. You can always try to deposit some cheap skins to check how it works. However, we have made sure that a services that you can find on our lists are offering best options possible with lowest times and large number of options available.


Deposit Limits & Options – Low limits is not something that you will find on every site. It depends on which option you choose while trying to deposit. You can either do it via SKIN2PAY option which usually takes no longer than 5-15 minutes or with G2APAY, where you can use your G2A Wallet or G2A Code. You can also use e-wallets like Skrill, Neteller, AliPay who have proved that they have very short deposit/withdrawal time and low fees. Some sites are also offering deposit with Bitcoin, you may be charged with certain commissions, but it’s a relatively good option to have since the rise in popularity of cryptocurrencies.


Promotions, Bonuses & Daily Free – People just love good bonuses and daily free spins or free cases. Who would not like to have free skins? Even though they have low value in a long run it can pay off decently. Still, in order to achieve these freebies you need to meet different requirements.
Mostly, everything you need to do is to put sites name next to your personal Steam name. Sometimes you may need to make minimum deposit in order to be able to withdraw your winnings if you get some via referral code or through cheap cases.


Giveaways & Raffles – When it comes to test your luck, giveaways are the right choice. Almost every website are hosting various giveaways, where you can achieve very high value skins. Most of these giveaways are hosted on their social media profiles, so be sure to like, follow and turn on notification posts.
It doesn’t take a lot time although, all you need to do is share/tweet post, tag one or more friends. You can always see the requirements in order to enter the giveaway. Apart from that sites are also hosting raffles where you can earn entries and get yourself a higher chance to win.

We’ve went through many more factors, although these are the most important ones that would make any of the listed websites to rank higher.
The list may change from time to time, in this battle for the popularity some sites left behind while others run all the way to the top!,

TOP 10 CS:GO Case Opening Sites 

farmskins 5 out of 5 stars betatesports $1 FREE verified

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caserandom 5 out of 5 stars $0.45 FREE verified

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gocase.pro 4.7 out of 5 stars betatesports $1,35 FREE

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cs:golive 4.5 out of 5 stars betatesports $0.5 FREE verified

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4.5 out of 5 stars betatesports $0,30 FREE verified

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Please note that you can use BONUS code only once.


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